MagpieSeven offer unique floral displays and three dimensional artwork using hand crafted flowers and foliage, which are carefully and intentionally arranged, to create stunning heirloom pieces that capture the beauty and spirit of our glorious British countryside.

About MagpieSeven

MagpieSeven was born from the desire to elevate traditional floral arrangements and still life paintings in to three dimensional works of art, creating a centrepiece that embraces classic artwork in a contemporary style. 

The flowers, foliage and natural elements are all individually hand crafted and intentionally arranged to create displays and framed artwork that are inspired by the wild flowers of the rural Cotswold countryside and it's abundance of beautiful country gardens.

By using sustainable, long lasting materials, these handcrafted works of art can be enjoyed for many years making them an ideal way to mark milestone moments and celebrate special memories.



The sole mission of MagpieSeven is to create a sustainable alternative to fresh flowers and foliage that captures the essence of our countryside allowing you to enjoy the magic of the fields and woodland in your home whatever the season.  

With this in mind flower petals, foliage and natural elements are cut, shaped and shaded entirely by hand to be arranged into unique, three dimensional framed artwork and display pieces that are both modern yet timeless. 

The artworks are available in a range of sizes and styles, offering a beautifully crafted conversation piece that will look equally at home in a town or country residence.


Original artwork

Flowers and foliage are created to mimic nature and arrangements are inspired by not just the world around us that we can see, but a deeper connection to the Earth and the feelings and emotions that it provides us with.

MagpieSeven offers original artwork that is unique, alternative and beautiful.

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Stonehouse, United Kingdom


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