Views in Broadway with linseed flowers in the rolling Cotswold fields

The Story of MagpieSeven

Memory collecting and magic

Growing up in the Cotswolds has given me a deep love for the local wildlife, plants and flowers. As an avid ultra runner, much of my free time is spent exploring the local trails, running through fields and woodlands, past rivers and ponds and enjoying the hidden history of the local area.

Time in the countryside has also often been spent foraging and collecting hidden treasures. Empty snail shells with beautiful patterns, wild nuts and hedgerow fruit, brightly coloured autumn leaves and prickly seed pods.

The things that I see, touch and feel are a way to connect with not only the world around me, but a way to connect with who I really am.

They are the things that quiet my soul and leave me with a feeling of contentment.


I needed to share this love for our stunning countryside, plants and flowers with everyone and find a way to embrace the history of our land, it's myths, legends and magic.


The cold porcelain flowers, foliage and natural elements that I now create are my way of collecting those moments and capturing the beauty that surrounds us.

These displays and arrangements are inspired in part by the spiritual journey that I now find myself upon but also by the journeys of those who have gone before..


They are my way of bringing a little piece of nature into the home so that everyone can enjoy the magic that I feel in our natural world

Glastonbury Tor and MagpieSeven