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Memorial flowers

Celebrating a lifetime of memories

Memorial flowers

When we lose someone special to us, flowers can make us feel close to them, remind us of that person and bring back memories of the part they played in our lives.

From their favourite flowers, to the plants that remind us of time spent together, they are an important and beautiful way to connect with those memories.

We can recreate elements from funeral arrangements, craft flowers that have a particular personal meaning or create an arrangement that celebrates the flowers and plants that they loved.

When preservation of the flowers from the funeral arrangements has not been possible we can also work from photographs to recreate flowers that were chosen many years ago. 

At MagpieSeven we hand craft our floral arrangements using clays and pigments that allow us to create a piece of art that captures the vibrant beauty and delicacy of fresh flowers that is virtually unbreakable, offering you a unique and timeless link to those treasured memories that will last a lifetime.

*Please note that there is a minimum spend of £150 required on all memorial flowers.

As every order is individual, pricing will vary greatly and is dependant not only on size of arrangements, but complexity of design. Prices can only be confirmed once all the details have been discussed and agreed.

Although there are ways of preserving flowers, they will never look the same as the day when they were picked. Using cold porcelain allows us to hand craft your flowers in a way that closely mimics freshly cut flowers, allowing us to create floral arrangements that are both environmentally friendly and sustainable, whilst offering flowers that are as realistic in appearance as possible.

We have a range of frames and glass domes for presenting arrangements. These are paired with mount cards and aperture mounts that compliment the arrangement itself or your home interior.

We also have a range of vases to choose from for freestanding arrangements.

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