What now?!

Months have passed since my last post. Christmas has come and gone, the shortest day is now behind us and the signs of spring can be seen all around.

Although the seasons are changing, with Storm Dudley closely followed by Storm Eunice, the warm, sunny days still feel so far away.

I struggle with the motivation to get moving in the colder months, physically and mentally Running is my therapy but I find it hard to get out of the door and go for a run when it's cold, grey and wet or windy. This has a negative impact on my mental health and even though I know that it would help me feel better, I can't find the enthusiasm for it. Then I feel awful for not going out!

Every year it's a vicious circle that I can't seem to beat.

I am longing for the proper arrival of spring. The scent of the earth beginning to warm, the leaf buds appearing on the trees and the hardy little flowers that push their way up through the snow and frost to brighten up some of the dreary corners.

I need the feeling of sun on my face and the warmth seeping into my body, flooding me with those feel good chemicals and bringing me back to life after winter hibernation!

The beginning of spring brings new sources of inspiration, snowdrops, primroses, catkins and early blackthorn blossom. All the things that I need to be inspired. My work is driven by the world around me and winter can be a hard time for the visual inspiration that helps me with my arrangements. Thankfully I take loads of photos all year round so at least I can use those for reference.

Nothing quite like seeing it in person though, you just can't beat it.

This winter I have also been lucky enough to find out that I have been accepted at the Royal Three Counties Show too.

Not only do I have a stand to prepare but I have a whole range of products to create and frame ready for the three day event!

This new avenue for my work has meant that I am having to work on lots of new things over the winter, perfect for keeping me busy and in a positive frame of mind.

I have new pieces to plan, new techniques to try for the picture backgrounds, new styles to test and an incredible amount of flowers and foliage to make. All of these things have helped keep me busy and keep me looking ahead when it is all too easy to get stuck in the winter rut.

Although I have a long way to go when it comes to staying positive through the winter months, it has been a pleasant surprise to find out that my work can actually help me too.

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