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Your wedding flowers

Recreated to last a lifetime

Wedding flower recreations

Your wedding day is one of the most emotional days that you will have, from the nervous excitement that you feel beforehand to the overwhelming feelings of love and happiness that surround you throughout the day.

It is an opportunity to celebrate your commitment to each other with friends and family and a time to create memories.

By recreating your wedding flowers MagpieSeven can provide a visual reminder of your special day and all of those emotions that can be enjoyed for an entire lifetime.

We offer three different ways of presenting your arrangements

Full wedding bouquet recreation

Full bouquet

This is our most luxurious option.

Using photographs and other reference materials we recreate a range of flowers and foliage that were used in your wedding day arrangements, which are then carefully arranged to give the overall appearance of your complete bouquet.

This is an ideal choice for recreating your wedding bouquet if preservation is no longer an option

Prices start at £500

Scattered stems arrangement

Minimalist design

For some people the variety of flowers chosen is the most important aspect.

This style both enhances and celebrates the individual varieties by presenting them as individual stems and showcasing the individual elements.

Choose from either scattered stems or a botanical illustration inspired display.

Prices start at £250

Blubell & ranunculus glass dome

Glass dome

If you are looking for an alternative to a wall mounted display, we also offer arrangements displayed in a glass cloche.

Selected varieties from your wedding flowers are carefully hand crafted and thoughtfully arranged in a way that is reflective of your wedding day arrangements.

We have a range of bud vases to choose from to compliment your home.

Prices start at £150

*Please note that there is a minimum spend of £150 required on all wedding flower recreations

As every order is individual, pricing will vary greatly and is dependant not only on size of arrangements, but complexity of design. Prices can only be confirmed once all the details have been discussed and agreed.

Not only can we recreate flowers from recent weddings but we can also work from photos and other reference materials to bring to life a wedding bouquet or arrangement from many, many years ago making this an ideal gift for wedding anniversaries.

Although there are ways of preserving flowers, they will never look the same as the day when they were picked. Using cold porcelain allows us to hand craft your flowers in a way that closely mimics freshly cut flowers, allowing us to create floral arrangements that are both environmentally friendly and sustainable, whilst offering flowers that are as realistic in appearance as possible.

We currently offer three different styles of presentation, a full bouquet within a shadow box frame, a botanical art inspired design within a box frame for a more modern interpretation and a selection of your wedding flowers displayed within a glass dome.

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